2021 Swim Team Coaching Staff

This year our swim team coaches are: Sophia, Anna, Max B., Ellery, Max F., Megan, and Ryan

Sophia is the head lifeguard, Madrona manager, swim team head coach and just graduated from South High. She’s been swimming competitively for 9 years and her favorite stroke is freestyle!   Her hero is her Mom who beat her battle with cancer twice!  Sophia hopes to become an engineer!

Megan will be a Senior at South High this coming fall. Her favorite animal is a sloth. Her hero is Katie Ledecky (Olympic swimmer) and she’s been on swim team for almost 12 years!

Ellery is 16 and goes to Crescent Valley High School.  Her favorite stroke is breaststroke and she’s been swimming a little over 7 years.  She would like to study Dermatology or Psychiatry in college.  If she could have dinner with one famous person it would be Alan Rickman even though he passed away, “he was hilarious and a very good actor.”

Ryan is 17 and goes to South High.  He loves to ski. His favorite stroke is freestyle.  His hero is Eva Kor, Holocaust survivor and if he could have dinner with one famous person it would be Epicurus, the Greek Philosopher.

Anna will be a freshman at South High in the fall. She can play a total of five instruments and she wants to be a lawyer.  Her hero is her mom. She’s been swimming at Madrona since she was 3 years old and her favorite stroke is butterfly.

Max B is 16.  He goes to South High.  His favorite stroke is breast stroke. He is considering becoming an architect or a lawyer and his hero is Frank Lloyd Wright.

Max F is 17 and goes to South High.  He plays water polo. He plans to study computer science and his heroes are his parents for supporting his family during the past year. His favorite stroke is backstroke.