Pool Parties

** Only current MSC members may reserve the pool for a party**

** Pool Parties for 2021 can ONLY be scheduled on Mondays **

How can I arrange a party at the Madrona Swim Club?

If you would like to arrange a party at the pool, you may fill out the above form and submit it to the Activities Director. Pool Party fees are $100 for a 2 hour block of time for a total of 25 party guests (total includes both swimmers and non-swimmers). After the Activities Director schedules your party, the fees may be mailed to MSC Activities Director at PO Box 3153 Salem, OR 97302. The Madrona Swim Club Member will ensure that their pool party guests are informed of MSC Pool rules and policies and that guest comply with the rules and policies set forth by the Board. Please take the time to review the Swim Party Policies below. We strongly recommend that parties are scheduled at least 7 days in advance.

Swim Party Policy

Definition:  A swim party is more than nine (9) but less than twenty-five (25) swimmers who are guests of a member or group of members coming for the same event, such as a birthday party or athletic team party.
A swim party’s total guest list, including non-swimmers and members, may not exceed twenty-five (25) persons.
A swim party is to be scheduled for no more than two (2) hours and must be scheduled to begin and end during open swim hours.
The non-refundable party fee Madrona Swim Club is fifty dollars ($100.00). The entire party fee must be paid when the reservation is made to secure the time and date of the party.
Swim parties must be scheduled in advance with the MSC Membership Director or Secretary.
Only one swim party may be scheduled at a time on any given day the pool is open.
Each member family may schedule no more than two (2) parties per swim season.
The MSC Pool Party Reservation Form must be completed and submitted with the fee to the Membership Director. We strongly encourage that all MSC pool party reservations be made at least seven (7) days prior to the event.
The Madrona Swim Club member will ensure that their pool party guests are informed of the MSC pool rules and policies. The MSC member will also ensure that party guests comply with these rules and policies set forth by the MSC Board.
*Amended and Restated Bylaws, Madrona Swim Club, Inc., revised 03/02/2017