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Pool Rules & Policies

Safeguarding the Pool:

  • Lifeguards are here to ensure everyone’s safety. They will stop any unsafe activities, prevent injuries, resolve conflicts, and protect property. Please limit interactions with them to avoid distractions.

  • We maintain a 1:25 lifeguard-to-patron ratio. If more than 25 patrons are in the water, a second lifeguard will be called. During this time, the on-duty lifeguard will ask everyone to exit the pool until the second guard arrives. Once both lifeguards are in position, patrons can re-enter the water.

  • Lifeguards take mandatory 10-minute breaks. During these breaks, only individuals 18 years or older may stay in the pool. Lifeguards will rotate positions after each break.


  • No running at the pool
  • Hanging or climbing on or over the wading pool wall is prohibited
  • No profanity or derogatory language is permitted at the pool facility
  • Gum, glass containers, alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted at the pool facility
  • All children under 10 years of age, regardless of swimming ability, must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Diving Board:

  • No hanging from the diving board is allowed
  • There is a 250 lb. weight limit for the diving board.
  • Only one diving board user is permitted on the board at any one time
  • Swimmers must dive or jump straight off of the end of the board into the pool
  • Wait until the immediate area is clear before jumping or diving off of the board.


  • No standing on the inflatable at anytime
  • Inflatables large enough to lay down on are not allowed
  • Inflatables should be filled with air only – not glitter, foam balls, etc.
  • Patrons must keep clear of the sides of the pool when on an inflatable
  • The use of inflatables may be halted for safety at the discretion of lifeguards as the number of swimmers in the water increases.


  • Wear appropriate swimwear for a comfortable and enjoyable swim.
  • Children who aren’t potty-trained must wear swim diapers to maintain pool hygiene
  • Shower before entering the pool to keep the water clean and refreshing for everyone.
  • Dispose of your trash and in designated areas before leaving the pool deck or dressing rooms.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, please avoid using the pool if you have a communicable disease or bandage.


  • Guest fees are  two dollars ($2.00) per swimming guest.
  • Each Member family may have no more than nine (9) guests at one time.
  • The member must accompany his or her guest and the guest must leave the pool grounds when the member leaves.
  • The MSC member must sign in the member’s name and the guest’s name on the sign-in sheet at the lifeguard station.
  • The MSC member must ensure that their guests are informed of and adhere to the pool policies and rules set forth by the MSC Board

  • A swim party is more than nine (9) but no more than twenty (20) swimmers who are guests of a member or group of members coming for the same event, such as a birthday party or athletic team party.
  • A swim party’s guest list can include non-swimmers, but only twenty (20) swimmers.
  • A swim party is to be scheduled for no more than two (2) hours and must be scheduled to begin and end during open swim hours.
  • The non-refundable party fee Madrona Swim Club is one hundred dollars ($125.00). [This fee includes exclusive use of the small upper deck.] The entire party fee must be paid when the reservation is made to secure the time and date of the party.
  • Swim parties must be scheduled in advance with the MSC Activities Director.
  • Only one swim party may be scheduled at a time on any given day the pool is open.
  • Each member family may schedule no more than two (2) parties per swim season.
  • The MSC Pool Party Reservation Form must be completed and submitted with the fee to the Membership Director. We strongly encourage that all MSC pool party reservations be made at least seven (7) days prior to the event.
  • The Madrona Swim Club member will ensure that their pool party guests are informed of the MSC pool rules and policies. The MSC member will also ensure that party guests comply with these rules and policies set forth by the MSC Board.
Several memberships change hands each season. Most memberships are sold or leased neighbor-to-neighbor or via word-of-mouth. The membership director maintains an interested list (NOT a waiting list) of families interested in buying or leasing a pool membership.  Any family wishing to be added to this list should fill out this form.

If necessary, contact the membership director for a list of interested parties. Upon finding a family to buy or lease, the member family should advise the membership director of the impending sale or lease and then fill out, sign and submit a Change of Information Form. Upon receipt of the form, the club will update the membership list (in the case of a sale).

Please note, in the case of a lease, the member remains responsible for payment of the annual dues and the member will be assessed a late fee if the dues are not timely paid. It is the responsibility of the member to make arrangements with any leasing party to timely pay the dues or to reimburse the member.

Memberships can only belong to one household. A divorcing couple must agree which person will keep the pool membership and must notify the membership director of any change in this regard. Any children living in the member household may use the pool as members and may bring the non-member parent as a guest (guest fees apply) to the pool.

For example: Bob and Carol, who have two kids, divorce and agree Bob will retain the pool membership. Bob and the kids can use the pool as members and the kids can come separately with Carol provided they sign her in and pay for her as a guest. In the event Bob remarries and his spouse has kids, this new blended family can also use the pool as members. However, should Carol remarry, she and her newly blended family can only come to the pool as guests of the “member” kids.