Length: The length varies depending on the size of the teams, but average from 2.5 to 4 hours.

What to Bring:

Parking: Parking for neighborhood pools can be limited, so arrive early and be prepared to walk a block or two.

Procedure: Prior to the race, coaches will prepare race cards for each swimmer and each event. Once a swimmer is handed a card, it is important that they not lose or destroy it. The card will travel with them through the event process for their time and place to be recorded with the scorekeepers and ribbon writers.

Most of our swimmers compete in three events, usually a combination of individual and relay events. Due to the size of our team, swimmers may not always swim in every event they would like. They are encouraged to indicate their desired events for each meet, but the final decision rests with the coach.

The events are staged in order, and by ascending age within each event.


  1. Medley Relay
  2. Individual Medley
  3. Freestyle
  4. Butterfly
  5. Backstroke
  6. Breaststroke
  7. Freestyle Relay

Age groups:
6 & under
8 & under

Swimmers sit with their families/friends prior to and between events. They will be called to the “bullpen” prior to each event, and need to be listening for the megaphone call to know when to report. The starter will call each event by age group, and coaches will help locate younger swimmers who may not know what to do or where to go. Madrona allows swimmers to sit in the “baby pool” between races. Not all pools have a baby pool, or allow swimmers to enter it.

Parents are requested to remain in designated spectator areas. The deck should be clear for coaches, timers, runners and swimmers.

Because we are a non-competitive, recreational team, there is no expectation that swimmers attend every meet, or even stay for the entire meet. We do ask that you communicate with the coaches if you need to miss a meet or leave early. Planning events, especially relays, is difficult if we do not know who will be there.

Volunteers: Each home meet is entirely staffed by parents of swimmers. There are many and varied jobs, so

whatever your skill set and comfort level, we have a place for you! Please plan on volunteering as much as you are able.

We rely on and appreciate our parent volunteers!

All-City: All-City is the last meet of the season, in which all five teams in our league compete. It is an all-day event.

Our team will set up tents in the neighboring park for families to gather and socialize during the day. Full concessions

are available, but plan for food/drink for the whole day. The event is hosted by Holiday Pool, which will provide more

information as All-City approaches. We encourage each swimmer to participate in this unique and fun event.